Buying Wigs from EBay

I buy all my Human hair wigs from EBay. Yes, be warned there is always an element of risk it what is going to arrive in the post, but so far my overall experience is positive.

Full lace wig from eBay

Most sellers are based on China, although their listings will say ‘Brazilian Virgin Remy hair etc etc’. Don’t be fooled – it’s probably not!

Don’t be put off by this though, the hair is always soft and silky and I’ve found every time that I get 3 months +/- everyday wear. (I can do a post on prolonging the life of your wig if requested because this is important!)

It’s great for finding lots of different lengths, colours and ombré styles for under £300!! For me this works great – it’s just about with in reach price-wise, and when it’s knackered after 3 months I can easily find a new style.

You can choose between a front lace and full lace unit. I always go for the latter – this is so I can style my wig however I like and I will have a ‘scalp effect’ all over my head.

You can then choose your length, which will determine the price of the wig. They usually range from 12 inches at about £100, up to 24 inches around £300. This does vary A LOT but I try to find sellers that are around this region.

Now, when your wig comes there is going to be an element of work required! Here’s my tips;

  • Cutting the extra lace – you can do this with the wig on your head or off. I choose to get the bulk of it off and then put it on my head to get the last few bits do shape my hairline.
  • I ALWAYS cut bangs and baby hair into my wigs. It just looks more natural on me and it can act as a great disguise if your not confident about your wigs hairline.
  • You may have to pluck your hairline and your parting – sometimes they are a bit too thick at front so you can carefully thin it out.
  • Bleaching the knots – some wigs come with knots already bleached some don’t but again this will make the root look more natural.
  • You might have to cut and sew the back if it’s too big – I have a small head, a REALLY small head! So I often have to cut out at inch at the back and see it up.
  • These wigs need to be glued down when you wear them. I use got2b glued gel or got2be hairspray (both work great). Apply to your hairline and make sure your skin is clean and then place your wig down. This should last for the day and sometimes longer!
  • Recommended sellers on eBay that I have used over the last couple of years;

    I got this wig from them, the blonde was a gorgeous white blonde. It lasted me 4 months at a stretch! Shipping takes a while on this one

  • This wig was lovely. I think the quality of hair is particularly good from this seller. I can’t get enough of an ombré!!! shipping does take quite a while with these guys as well
  • This wig is my most recent one that I posted on Instagram. It feels lovely and I’ve had so many compliments!! It was HUGE on my head to had to cut and see the back to get rid of the excess material! You can probably email the seller and ask for a small/medium cap size instead! I bought 130% density – it’s a little thin so I would recommend requesting 150%.

    Alopecia GRWM

    So this is a MAMMOTH video on me styling my Wiggit wig then doing my eyebrow and eyelash make up. I hope you find some of my alopecia tips and tricks helpful! This should be helpful to show you how to apply false eyelashes when you don’t have your own lashes. It will also show you how I draw my eyebrows on too.

    Caring for Human Hair Wigs

    Here’s the 101 for looking after your human hair wig.


    Although caring for your human hair wig is essentially following the same processes as anyone would do with hair, it’s important to remember a wig doesn’t get the same natural oils that are expelled from the scalp. These oils nourish and soften the hair, prevent breakage, and moisturise it. So it’s important that a natural oil is used.

    I use ORS coconut oil for hair and scalp. I use it in two ways; first after washing when the hair is still wet I will run a couple of drops through the hair. Second, I filled an old spritz bottle with water and some of the oil and every other day I will shake the solution up and spritz the hair to replicate the idea that usually hair would be exposed to natural oils everyday. I use the mixture of water and oil to dilute the oil so it’s not too heavy on the hair.

    ORS Coconut Oil and a water and oil solution for spritzing

     Shampoo & Condition 

    I shampoo and condition my human hair week about once a week. I try not to wash it too often but I find after wearing it everyday there is product build up and it needs it. I use Herbal Essences ‘hello hydration’ shampoo and conditioner for the moisture benefits. As I mentioned earlier it’s important to be putting in the moisture and oils to your wig that it would usually get from your scalp but doesn’t for obvious reasons!

    Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner

     Moisture mask and treatments
    I recently purchased John Frieda’s ‘miracle recovery’ deep conditioner, which I use after washing. It really softens the hair and makes it feel much smoother and healthier!

    John Frieda’s Extra Strength 6 effects serum, the Forever Smooth anti-frizz primer and the Miraculous Recovery deep conditioning mask

     Once deep conditioning is done I use the drop of coconut oil I mentioned earlier. Then I use John Frieda’s ‘Forever Smooth’ anti-frizz primer followed by the ‘extra strength 6 effects’ by John Frieda. I notice a big difference in the fly always and frizz in my hair as it is naturally very wavy. I only use one pump of each product to avoid over doing it, which can be very easy to do – less is more!


    I try to avoid using heat and styling products frequently in my hair. I usually let it dry naturally and leave it as it is because it has a beautiful wave to it. Styling products also usually contain alcohol in them, which is a big ingredient to try to avoid as it is not good for your human hair. Having said this, it is very difficult to find products without alcohol in them (I am still searching!).

    L’oreal’s volume heat styling spray and Elnett Satin hair spray with argan oil and VO5 smoothly does it heat serum

    If I do decide to style the hair, I first use VO5’s ‘smoothly does it’ for shine, heat protection and to tame hair. I also really like L’Oreal Elnett’s ‘volume’ heat styling protectant spray – does what it says on the tin and it ideal for when I want big voluminous hair that I love. Finally, if I need to use hair spray, again I try to avoid it generally, L’Oreal’s Elnett Satin Hairspray with argan oil is my favourite. I always use a light hand when using these products and I’ve found them effective without weighing the hair down.

    BeBald blogger

    Styling Big Waves Human Hair Wig

    I love styling my lace front wig with big wavy curls but I don’t want to apply heat with curling irons or straighteners resulting in damage to the hair. So I have found some effective non heat alternatives!

    Step 1 – Wet your hair. I use an old spray bottle and spritz the hair all over so its damp, this is so the wave your creating will take to the hair. I also add a little coconut oil to the spray bottle for added treatment to the hair.

    Step 2 – Section the hair into two parts down the middle of your head. then section those two parts into two again. So you should have 4 equal parts.

    Step 3 – Twist each section, twirling away from the face then wrap your twirled hair into little twisted up buns. Like this…


    Step 4 – Leave your buns in over night. If you are in a rush, use the hair dryer on a cool setting to set your buns!

    Step 5 – Unwrap your buns and you should get something like this…

    TIP: For added volume on top like my hair I positioned and wrapped my two top buns high up on my head.

    Eyelash Extensions for Alopecia

    I am very excited to share this post about trying out eyelash extensions! It is something I have wanted to try for a long time. Due to my alopecia I have gone through periods when I have had no or very few lashes and losing them along with eyebrows is one the biggest challenges with alopecia.

    For the last couple of years my lashes have stayed with me, they are quite sparse and fine but I love them anyway. However, I have always wanted naturally long, full lashes and wanted an easier alternative to strip eyelashes so I decided to try eyelash extensions.

    I was a little apprehensive at first that the added weight of lash extensions would cause my own precious and fragile lashes to fall out. But I soon thought, a) this is unlikely as the extensions are feather light and made not to do that, and b) a new cycle of my eyelashes will grow through anyway in a few weeks so it was worth a try.

    Natural eyelashes before extensions

    My eyelashes were applied by Lauren, a qualified beauty technician with her own home salon. I felt like I was in good hands with Lauren as she is a professional who really knows what she was doing.

    So, what are eyelash extensions? Each individual false eyelash is placed on your own lashes with glue. Lauren used thinner and therefore lighter extensions on my lashes to not weigh them down as much. They also give a more natural result, which is what I wanted. There are different types of lashes that can be used, they vary in; material, length, curl and thickness.

    I have had my lashes on for a few days now and haven’t noticed any shedding yet. They can last between 2 and 6 weeks as they fall out as your own natural lashes would so the time they last depends on your own lash regrowth cycle and also how much you look after your lashes. Infills are usually recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep the eyelashes looking full and thick all the time!


    Eyelash extensions complete

    The price of eyelash extensions varies from £60 – £120 depending on how many lashes you have put on and the type of lashes used. The procedure usually takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours, but again this depends on how many eyelashes are used as you have a half-set or full-set.

    Here’s a look at my before and after pictures, I am over the moon with my lashes and I finally have the long and voluminous eyelashes I have always dreamed of! I think I am already addicted!

    Tips for eyelash extensions

    Check the credentials of your beautician

    Have a patch test for the glue prior to the procedure

    Don’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours after application

    Don’t use mascara or oil based products near the eye

    Use a cotton bud to remove eyeliner near the lashes

    Brush your lashes everyday, especially after the shower

    Don’t pick at your new eyelashes

    Be gentle with them, avoid touching, pulling etc


    Wig Review – Etsy ‘PremierBeauty’

    Finding wigs online is no easy task. It’s hard to filter out the poor quality wigs and find yourself something that is worth your money. I have often found the images and descriptions shown on a wig for sale are not true to what actually arrives in the post.  Having said this, there are also some hidden gems out there that are available and I think I may have found one on Etsy.

    I wanted a new human hair wig. And I wanted it super long with tousled waves. As much as I like my synthetic wigs, for me, theres nothing quite like having real hair to give back what you have lost. My search led my to the selling community ‘Etsy‘. I was drawn in by the impressive low prices for human hair and the range available that is usually much harder to find on generic wig websites that I tend to avoid.

    So, after a lengthy process of whittling down numerous wigs that took to my liking I found a human hair, lace front wig made from 100% unprocessed Brazilian hair. The seller was ‘PremierBeauty‘ and I liked that the wig could be custom made to my needs. I determined all the specifications I wanted and paid around £175 ($244), which felt too good to be true for a 24″ human hair wig.


    Copyright to PremierBeauty


    Shipping was very fast, I received my custom wig in just over a week and it had come all the way from China to my doorstep in the UK AND there was no postage fee. I couldn’t believe how quickly the wig had come and I was only more pleased when I opened my parcel and saw the quality of this wig.

    I can honestly say I don’t think I will buy my wigs from anywhere else, this wig is beautiful and just what I wanted for a very affordable price. The hair is thick, healthy and matches the image and description on the website.

    I was also happy that the cap size is actually small, as so often I have ordered a wig to be petit and it is still huge on my head so I had to cut out wefts myself. This cap is the perfect fit for my head.

    The wig has baby hair and bleached knots around the lace front. The hair has been distributed and tied around the hairline to create a very realistic look. It is the most natural looking hairline I have had on a wig and I don’t feel I need to work it much to get it looking right. It also sits naturally around the temples and in front of the ears, which is always a big tell tale sign of wig and for me determines how natural it looks (often wigs sit too far back, which is fine for wig wearers that have hair and want to expose their natural hairline but for someone without hair it needs to come to where the hairline would naturally start).


    Custom ‘PremierBeauty’ lace front human hair wig straight out the box

    The waves are perfect, the lace is good quality, I could go on but the wig is very, very impressive for the price I paid and I don’t think I would find another wig that matches its quality, at least without paying the same price and a hefty shipping rate on top (which what I have often found as human hair wigs often come from the US or China, which is the other side of the world!).


    After washing the wig has more a natural curl to it

    However, I would mention although Etsy is great for buying beautiful wigs, I will say be prepared to do some cutting and styling of the wig either yourself or at the hairdressers. Even if it just adding in a few layers to shape your face. I always like to do this with any of my wigs to make the wig right for me and get the exact look I want. Next time I may also invest in a full lace wig for an even more natural finish.

    If you would like a wig just like mine, my custom specs were:

    Small capsize

    24 inch

    Natural dark brown

    150% density

    Light brown lace

    Wavy hair texture

    False Lashes for Alopecia

    Alopecia can affect different parts of the body and in some cases eyelashes and eyebrows can be affected. For false lashes I have a few favourites and often choose different types for certain occasions. Here is my top five false lashes, I will be exploring everything lash related in future posts too!

    I always use Duo eyelash glue as I find this much easier to work with. Duo lash glue makes applying the lash easier as the end don’t flick up and it also lasts much longer than most glues.

    1. My ultimate favourites are the demi-wispies Ardell lashes. These fluttery lashes give a natural and pretty look but amplify your lashes.  Applied with Duo lash glue they will last all day.demiwispies
    2. For a more subtle look the Eylure 070’s are light and delicate but still provide lash definition. These lashes are great if you don’t really have many lashes of your own and find lots of false lashes are too heavy and don’t sit well because there is no natural lash to hold them up.070.jpg
    3. Kiss ‘Shy’ lashes are the most natural looking lengthy lashes I have found. The tips of the individual lashes are narrower so look even more natural.kiss lashes.jpg
    4. For evenings 118 lashes from the Girl’s Aloud collection give a very beautiful finish, The lashes are thicker and longer on the outer corners, which not only make the eyes look more cat eye, they also look very natural.118
    5. For nights out, if I don’t have any wispies I nearly always opt for the Eylure 143’s, these are great it you want big, intense lashes. They are thick, volumous and look for a dramatic.143.jpg

    In the next lash installment, I plan to try eyelash extensions!

    Selena Gomez – Hair Envy of the Month

    Selena’s new music video shows her new hair style, which is absolutely beaut. Her blunt bangs complement her black hair and creates a very daring look.

    Get the look here from! This is a Malaysian remy virgin hair unit with the straight cut bangs just like seller’s. You can also choose your own desired length.


    Selena’s new hair in ‘Can’t keep my hands to myself’ music video


    For a synthetic, cheaper option try eBay, this is long black synthetic wig in Selena’s style that is heat resistant too.

    NYX Eyebrow Gel Review

    Ever since discovering the Anastasia dip brow pomade I never thought I would change up my eyebrow makeup routine ever again. However, as my pomade is drying up and running out, I decided to hunt for something more affordable that still had the same results.

    I stumbled across the NYX brow gel when researching the Makeup Forever Aqua brow which has had good reviews for creating individual hair strokes. The NYX gel is meant to be an affordable dupe for the Aqua brow and so I decided to test it out. I chose the colour ‘Brunette’ and purchased it for £11.99 from Ebay.


    Eyebrows done using NYX Eyebrow gel in Brunette

    The NYX Brunette colour is a really good colour match for my old medium brown pomade. I was surprised at how much product you get in the tube and I’m hoping it doesn’t dry out over time as it looks as though it will last a life time.

    I squeezed a tiny amount of the gel onto the back of my hand first and then applied the gel with my Anastasia angled brush no.12 just as I would with my pomade, and I am able to create the same individual hair strokes.

    Version 2

    NYX Eyebrow gel in Brunette for alopecia eyebrows

    There is a slight difference in the texture; the pomade is a softer and lighter consistency, where as the NYX is very much a gel and feels thicker in consistency. This means the pomade is perhaps ever so slightly easier to work with than the NYX gel because it goes on smoother, where as the NYX gel drys quicker so you have to work with it quicker.

    The NYX gel goes on less heavy than the pomade, which is useful as it is easy to apply to much with these kinds of products.

    It lasts all day and does not budge!



    NYX Eyebrow gel in Brunette

    Current Alopecia Makeup Look

    This is my current makeup look. It varies slightly week by week but I generally focus on defining my lash line and smoking it out (A combination of the Rimmel scandal eyes shadow stick and the Maybelline The Nudes palette is my favourite combination at the moment)! When there is a lack of lashes, eyes can sometimes look puffy so I use my bronzer just above the crease to create depth.

    Finally, I add in a flick starting from half way across the eye with the L’Oreal Superliner. Focusing the eye liner/shadow on the outside of the eye not only elongates the shape of the eye, it also look more natural in creating the look of full lashes.


    Full list of products used:

    Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation with Comfort Serum in Soft Beige

    Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer in Light

    Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Warm Beige

    Inglot Sculpting Powder in 505

    Soap & Glory Solar Powder

    L’Oreal Le Blush in Rosewood

    Soap & Glory Peach Party Blush

    Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown

    Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara

    Maybelline ‘The Nudes’ Palette

    Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eye Shadow Stick in Blackmail

    L’Oreal SuperStar Super Liner

    L’Oreal Color Riche Collection Privee JLo’s Nude Lipstick